Together with Hai An Shipping, VICT is grateful to be a part of supporting program organized by Hai Phong City.

On September 21st, more than 125 tons of essential goods shipped by Hai An owned fleet MV HAIAN EAST, arranged in 5 x 40 footer container box have arrived at VICT, Ho Chi Minh City from Hai Phong safely.

VICT will donate our terminal service to facilitate the organization committee dispatching the goods to the people in need, VICT believe the value of the project could unite and bring the industry closer together during the time of pandemic.

While the coronavirus pandemic might have profound effects to everyone live, we hope these contributions can inspire live in different way towards sustaining the communities where VICT operates and help overcome the challenges ahead.

Once again, we would like to thank for the organizing effort from Hai Phong City and working partner Hai An Shipping.