Dear All Customers,

Following HCM Committee instruction dated 30/9/2021, VICT can now maintain the usual terminal operation service without implementing “3 on site” from 04th Oct 2021.

Thanks to all frontlines FLDC staff and vendor workers contribution, they can now resume the usual operation rotation.

In the meantime all the regulation & Covid19 prevention measures will remain in place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our staffs and customers, including but not limited as follows:

1. All people ensure in the application - VNEID downloaded for travelling and another application – PC Covid also downloaded as guideline of the Government to control yourself and to prove that condition that all of you have been vaccinated or have recovered from Covid-19 within the past six months; in other words, "green pass" holders.

2. All people entering shall be controlled for temperature/medical declaration of paper or QR Code accordingly.

3. All people in the office of VICT shall strictly follow 5K principle.

4. When contacting the documents, money-paper and so on, remember carefully to sanitize your hands before touching your face or nose, eyes, mouth.

5. All the places as office, booth and other working places will be disinfected frequently.

6. Workers shall comply with the plan of anti-epidemic of Covid-19 while on board.

7. When off duty, all masks / PPE shall be put in the assigned dustbin .

8. If individual was being infected Covid-19 or had closely contact person in infection (F0) shall inform the medical station nearby. Anyone has action to hide the disease causing to spread infection to others will be reported to authority & subject to fine/penalty by VN Government Law.

9. Plan of VICT on quick test of Covid-19 in VICT complied with the letter No. 8228/BYT-MT of Ministry of Health dated 30/September/2021 as following:

+ For the group with high risk: all staffs / workers working at the gates or staffs / workers/ planners working on board would carry on with regular COVID19 antigen testing.

+ For the rest number of staffs /workers shall be reported to authority in case of having Covid-19 symptoms as fever, loss of taste, smell, difficult to breathe..

+ All Customers / client entering into the Office building should contact security at the gate to be done the quick test of Covid-19.

We appreciate and look forward to all our stakeholder attention and full compliance to above.